Guided walks Norra Kvill National Park and The Filmlandscape of Småland

Hiking in Småland. Explore the national parks in Sweden.

Experience the wilderness in unspoilt primary forest with moss-covered rocks, ancient pine trees and magical forest lakes. One of Sweden’s oldest national parks, Norra Kvill, was established back in 1927.
Our guides will help you discover the stunning natural landscape that inspired Sweden´s much loved children´s author, Astrid Lindgren.

Discover the real Småland.

Ronja hike, open tours on 28 Juni, 19 July, 23 August, 13 September 2024.
Other tours bookabla for groups, enquiries should be sent to

Carina Eldåker & Carina Engqvist have an agreement with Länsstyrelsen i Kalmar län to carry out guided hikes in Norra Kvill National Park.

Ronja hike in Norra Kvill National Park The inaccessible areas of forest outside Vimmerby have always had the reputation of being a haunt and hideout for robbers. Småland’s dense and ancient forests were an inspiration for the author Astrid Lindgren, and it’s no surprise that Norra Kvill National Park reminds us of the Mattis forest of Ronja the Robber’s Daughter fame. Join our guides on a walk up to enjoy the stunning view and find out more about the forest, Swedish folklore, ‘allemansrätten’ (right of public access), and Småland cultural heritage. Along the way we will try some local artisan foods. Price: SEK 695/person. Read more!
Hike in Norra Kvill National Park - taking in tastes of Småland - för groups Together we will make our way to the national park’s highest peak. Immerse yourself in the tranquil setting, fill your lungs with fresh air and drink in the view of the horizon above the endless forests. You’ll find out more about the forest, Swedish folklore and Småland’s cultural heritage. Along the way we will also try some local artisan foods. To end the day, we’ll enjoy a meal together in the great outdoors, that we’ve all helped prepare over a campfire. Price: SEK 1195/person min 10 people. Read more!
Family walk in Norra Kvill - for groups As one of Sweden’s smallest national parks, Norra Kvill is often referred to as the children’s national park. Our guides can take you and the whole family on a fascinating walk. Through unspoilt wilderness with moss-covered boulders and tranquil forest lakes, we learn how to exercise our right to roam freely and discover the natural environment in a playful way. And along the way we’ll get to try some local foods and tasty treats. Price: SEK 695/person min 10 people. Children under 13 years, SEK 200/person. Read more!
Seven Fabulous Excursions! Starting from Filmbyn Småland Mariannelund, we also offer Seven Fabulous Excursions - guided walks to unique places and personal favorites. Coffee/drinks and tasting of local food crafts are included. All seven hikes can be booked as group activities, inquiries should be sent to Read more!