About us

Our names are Carina Engqvist and Carina Eldåker and we are the ones behind “Cykla I Filmlandskapet Småland”. Our heart is in the countryside and we are passionate about development and entrepreneurship. Our vision is that it should be easy, fun and sustainable to experience Småland- and thinks that the bicycle is an exceptional transport due to this.

Here, in the crossing villages between the counties of Eksjö and Vimmerby, where Swedish children movies have become a part of the cultural heritage, we want to enlighten the existing tourist attractions, beautiful environments, proficient entrepreneurs- and contribute to a broader supply of activities and more guest nights.

To ride a bicycle in “Filmdlandskapet Småland” shall be a delightful holistic experience, no matter if you visit as a tourist, vacays at home or visit with your company for a customer or employee activity.



Carina Engqvist, carina@bokstavligt.nu +46 702610240
Carina Eldåker carina@eldaker.se +46 706190433


Contact us

E-post: info@cyklaifilmlandskapetsmaland.se

Filmbyn Småland
Spilhammarvägen 4
SE-598 97 Mariannelund
GPS: 57.621933, 15.597396